Gata MediKals


Our Approach

From the beginning, Gata M. medical equipment store has provided the highest level of customer service–we believe our excellence in helping customers find the right solutions to meet their needs sets us apart in the world of medical and surgical supply services. For us, high-quality service has always been a top priority–and it always will be. We take the time to get to know each customer and define their specific needs, and we take great pride in our close, personal customer relationship management.

Our medical and surgical supply store aims for the fastest and most reliable order fulfillment, along with the highest customer satisfaction with every purchase. If the product you ordered doesn’t turn out to be the best fit, we offer a flexible return policy. Our goal is to make sure you get what you need and what works best for your team.

Quality Control

We are committed to providing only the highest level of quality and consistency.  


Our policy for inspection and testing of quality allows us to confidently guarantee  compliance. 


Effective packing and dispatch methods and reliable transport agents.

Our Expertise

We are putting our 12 tears of sourcing skills together as a team to meet the demands in the market for medical devices.





01. Perfect Communication

Our Excellent team maintains perfect dat to day updates with buyers.

02. Ready Stocks

We have best relationship with medical device producers to ensure availability.

03. Secure Payments

Payments are done in very Transparent  and flexible methods for both buyer and seller.